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Protecting public health and the environment through intelligent sewage conveyance and quality treatment


Sanitary Sewers

We provide a full array of engineering services for sanitary sewer system replacements, extensions, relief sewers, and system optimization. Whether it’s planning, survey, design, permitting, or construction engineering, we have the experience needed to successfully complete your project.

Pump/Lift Stations and Forcemains

When it’s time to replace or upgrade your pumping systems, we’ll make sure that what you build is what you need. Through monitoring and thorough assessment of the actual pumping needs and future capacity requirements, we design systems that serve our clients well today and allow future adaptation if needed.

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Wastewater Treatment

From septic systems to municipal and industrial sewage treatment plants, our experience and thorough investigation guides us in selecting treatment improvements, expansions, rehabilitation’s, or new facilities that meet or exceed our clients goals and regulatory requirements, all while accommodating anticipated future changes in wastewater flows.

Flow Monitoring

Determining actual flows is a critical step in correctly designing pumps, trunk sewers, interceptors, and wastewater treatment facilities. We are able to identify the primary locations of inflow and infiltration and develop strategic system improvements by using multiple types of flow monitoring equipment and comparing actual flow data to theoretical flow calculations.

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I&I (Inflow & Infiltration) and SSO (Sanitary Sewer Overflow) Elimination

Using flow monitoring, smoke testing, televising, and other tools, we develop plans for eliminating inflow and infiltration which often plague sewer systems. These improvements prevent sewer backups and overflows that impact customers, residents, and violate EPA permit conditions.

Lagoon Maintenance & Dredging

If your sewage treatment lagoon, manure pond, lime sludge lagoon, or other storage facility needs cleaned out, you can count on C2 to develop the plan to dredge or cleanout the facility. C2’s services include quantifying the amount of material to be removed, analyzing the material to be removed, completing necessary permits, obtaining bids from qualified contractors, and overseeing construction to ensure the work is completed as specified.


Sewer and Manhole Rehabilitation and Lining

Many times it doesn’t make sense to build new when you can line and rehabilitate for a fraction of the price. Our staff has knowledge in sewer and manhole rehabilitation techniques that allow them to decide if lining or other trenchless rehabilitation methods are right for your system. We don’t just give you a stock solution, we use our understanding of many possible repair techniques to select the right option for you.

Permitting and Bidding

C2 is experienced at obtaining permits from all types of entities. We can help you with your projects that involve state and federal agencies such as the NRCS (Natural Resources Conservation Service, EPA (Environmental Protection Agency), USACE (United States Army Corps of Engineers), and USDA (United States Department of Agriculture).  We have lots of experience with railroads, DOTs, road districts, historical preservation agencies, drainage districts, counties, cities, and townships.  Whatever type of permit or permission you need for your project, odds are, we’ve done it. 


Construction Observation/Inspection

To make sure you get what you pay for, our staff provides quality assurance, observation, inspection, and documentation during and after construction.  This leaves you with peace of mind and the knowledge that your project is built to operate as designed for its full life cycle. It also provides knowledge of what is in the ground for future reference.