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MFT Engineering

Our team of experienced engineers will help your town, village, city, county, or other municipal entity design and plan improvements to keep up with your transportation infrastructure maintenance needs. We keep you compliant with DOT requirements and maximize value. 

Pavement Maintenance / Rehabilitation

When your pavement needs repaired or replaced, we evaluate why it failed and design improvements that will last for decades to come.  Consideration of your traffic volume today and future trends play a huge factor in the life cycle and construction costs of your pavement, so we will work with you to understand these factors and optimize your pavement for your specific circumstances and soil conditions. 

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Construction Observation/Inspection

To make sure you get what you pay for, our staff provides quality assurance, observation, inspection, and documentation during and after construction.  This leaves you with peace of mind and the knowledge that your project is built to last and function as designed for its full life cycle.


We design streetscapes that beautify your community, enhance the environment, improve drainage, and promote redevelopment and infill.  Whether your goal is aesthetic improvement, pedestrian access, traffic calming, or something else, we tailor our designs to meet your desires.


Drainage Design and Improvements

Drainage is possibly the biggest factor that impacts the life expectancy, performance, and safety of roads and parking lots. To improve the life expectancy, reduce maintenance, minimize flooding, and improve traffic safety, we evaluate the specific circumstances of your road or site and design storm drainage systems that cost effectively mitigate dangerous or costly conditions.