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Preserving property and the environment through stormwater management

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Drainage/Stormwater Management

Whether your issue is big or small, whether it’s an area a tenth of an acre or 100 square miles, our drainage expertise will help you get to the right solution to control or manage your stormwater and flooding problems. We offer field data collection, drainage modeling, and planning that will allow you to work towards permanent solutions. 

Detention/Retention Ponds

Whether you want a flood control reservoir, a small detention pond, a recreational pond, or other a pond for any other purpose, we will help you design it, size it, and repair it so that it lasts and supports its intended use.


Storm Sewers

Aging pipes, manholes, inlets, and other drainage infrastructure that was designed to yesterday’s standards is a common problem. To help your system meet today’s needs, we evaluate existing systems for optimization and design new drainage systems that will accomplish your goals.

Tile Mains

If you are a farmer with a large area of land or a drainage district that serves hundreds or even thousands of acres, our design and planning services will provide you with the best options for improving your field tiles to meet modern drainage demands. The old tile mains of yesteryear were never built to handle the flows of modern pattern drainage tile systems.  If it’s time to bring your tile mains into the 21st century, we’re here to help.

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Ditch/Pond Dredging

For enlargement, bank stabilization, or simply dredging silt from ditches and ponds, our services include surveying the existing conditions, designing improvements, quantifying and specifying the work, and helping you acquire competitive bids on the same scope of work.

Green Infrastructure

BMPs such as filter strips, bioswales, wet ponds, infiltration basins, pervious concrete and asphalt pavement, and many other environmentally friendly practices are part of our drainage toolbox.  Whether they are required by ordinance, desired for water quality, or just the best solution to your drainage issue, we can help you select, design, and construct green infrastructure that will work and will last.


Construction Observation/Inspection

To make sure you get what you pay for, our staff provides quality assurance, observation, inspection, and documentation during and after construction.  This leaves you with peace of mind and the knowledge that your project is built to operate as designed for its full life cycle. It also provides knowledge of what is in the ground for future reference. 

Permitting & Bidding

Permitting stormwater and drainage improvements can be one of the most challenging aspects of a project. Between mitigating flooding, protecting property rights, avoiding environmental degradation, and protecting endangered species, there are countless considerations that must be taken into account to get your project constructed. We make sure your project meets your goals and these requirements. Then, we help you get the best pricing from quality contractors, so your drainage system works as designed from day one and is built to last.