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Site Plans

Function and aesthetics to suite your needs, taste and budget

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Development, Rehabilitation, and Improvement

Whether you are developing a new site, require site improvements, or are completely redeveloping real estate, we offer a full array of services to help you complete your project in your desired timeframe.  Understanding your current needs along with your future plans is critical to constructing infrastructure that will serve your business, subdivision, school, laydown yard, or other facility for the appropriate design life. That is exactly why we take the time to understand how you work and how you plan to grow before we design your site, resulting in something that serves you well for years to come.     

Utility design, relocation, and permitting

We can plan, design, permit, and oversee utility improvements on your site. Properly sized and located water, sewer, and drainage systems will ensure that your site meets your needs today and will minimize or eliminate future maintenance.

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Pavement Design and Rehabilitation

To make sure you get the most out of something as expensive as your pavement, proper soil analysis and pavement design is critical. For a fraction of the pavement construction cost, you can rest assured that C2 has designed a cost effective pavement that will last and will minimize your maintenance costs.

Pedestrian Enhancements

Sidewalks, shared use paths, ADA routes, walkways, and trails are a few of the many pedestrian improvements we work on. You can count on us to make your site or path ADA or PROWAG compliant whether it’s brand new or you are working on your transition plan to bring your site up to code.

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Water, Sewer, and Drainage Systems

Whether you’re building new or rehabilitating your existing infrastructure, our services include evaluation and design of improvements that will minimize disruption to your site while maximizing your value.   

Pond Design and Maintenance

Our drainage expertise includes designing new ponds to accomplish your drainage needs or aesthetic goals. We also analyze existing ponds and design improvements to maximize function and minimize long term maintenance. Spillways, outlets, bank erosion, dredging, flood storage or mitigation, and recreational enhancements are some of many pond related engineering services we provide.


Permitting and Bidding

Site plans and development projects are often bogged down in permitting.  Our focused and persistent team refuses to let challenges get in the way of us completing your project on time. We handle all aspects of site permitting to make your project a success.

Construction Observation/Inspection

To make sure you get what you pay for, our staff provides quality assurance, observation, inspection, and documentation during and after construction. This leaves you with peace of mind and the knowledge that your project is built to operate as designed for its full life cycle.  It also provides knowledge of what is in the ground for future reference. 


Erosion Control

If you have erosion or need to prevent it on your site or construction project, we develop plans and systems that minimize soil erosion and help you comply with permit requirements.

NPDES Compliance

If you have an existing NPDES permit or are in need of a new one, we develop plans and renew permits to keep you compliant.