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December 10, 2015

Williams Featured in Environmental Science Journal

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The Environmental Science: Water Research & Technology publication recently featured a paper co-authored by Donohue’s Allen Williams entitled “Ion Exchange-Precipitation for Nutrient Recovery from Dilute Wastewater.” The paper examines a nutrient recovery process that may become more viable given economic drivers such as regulation of phosphorus and nitrogen in wastewater effluent and the cost of fertilizer. This study tested ion exchange in dilute domestic wastewater to concentrate nutrients with subsequent recovery by struvite precipitation. This is the first study to directly compare phosphorus recovery using a variety of iron, copper, and aluminum based media in a process that included phosphate ion exchange, ammonium ion exchange, and struvite precipitation of the brine solutions.

As a wastewater engineer with Donohue, Williams provides engineering services associated with the planning, design, construction, and startup of wastewater systems. He has experience in detailed process-mechanical design, process modeling, construction related services, operations, facility planning, nutrient removal planning, and pilot testing of wastewater treatment systems.

Pictured above: coating of ion exchange resin with copper chloride (left) and iron loaded ion exchange media after treatment of dilute wastewater (right).

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