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November 9, 2016

Donohue Active in Resource Recovery Seminar

Donohue’s Nathan Cassity, PE, BCEE is a presenter at the Central States Water Environment Association’s (CSWEA) Resource Recovery Seminar on Thursday, November 10, 2016. His presentation is titled "NEW Water Optimization Case Study" and covers the full scale final clarifier testing that was performed at the NEW Water Green Bay, WI facility which evaluated field performance of TSS removal and ultimately phosphorus removal tied to clarifier optimization. Donohue’s study is assisting NEW Water in optimization efforts to reduce phosphorus in the Lower Fox River basin.

The 2016 Resource Recovery Seminar is this year’s episode of the CSWEA Wisconsin Section Operations Seminar series, a one-day forum held each year for facility managers and operators to learn about, discuss and share experiences on current wastewater issues and challenges. As part of the planning committee for the past six years, Donohue’s Bill Marten, PE, BCEE has worked alongside other wastewater professionals in developing and promoting the ongoing mission of this seminar series.

► Learn more at www.cswea.org/WISCONSIN/events/2016_Operations%20Seminar%20Brochure.pdf

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