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August 25, 2015

Plant Profile: City of Faribault Water Reclamation Facility

Plant Profile: City of Faribault Water Reclamation Facility Header Image

The City of Faribault Water Reclamation Facility is the featured Plant Profile in the Summer 2015 issue of the “Central States Water” magazine. Since the facility was constructed in 1954, it has gone through several upgrades, the most recent of which was the result of a complete facility plan and upgrade design led by Donohue & Associates. The extensive project assessed the facility’s existing treatment processes to determine the best-suited and most economical course of action.

The upgrades that took place involved the following:

  • Headworks Building – A new headworks building was created to take over influent pumping that had previously been taking place in the control building.
  • Aeration – Three new high-speed turbo compressors enable control over the amount of air to each aeration basin.
  • Primary Clarifiers – New scum beaches and new air diaphragm primary sludge pumps were added.
  • Roughing Filters – New media and motorized distribution arms allow the waste stream to be evenly distributed over the media bed regardless of flow.
  • Digester Building – Solids piping and gas piping were replaced for increased operational flexibility and efficiency.
  • Solids Thickener – A polymer feed system and a gravity belt thickener are housed in a newly constructed solids thickening building.
  • Secondary Clarifiers/UV – Larger recirculation pumps were added to the secondary clarifiers and an ultraviolet disinfection system replaced the old chlorine gas and sulfur dioxide system.
  • SCADA – Operators are no longer restricted by needing to be in the control building to make equipment adjustments; the new SCADA system allows for controls access from multiple buildings.

To read the full article in “Central States Water” magazine, go to page 38 at http://cswea.org/magazine/CS_Summer_2015.pdf

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