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October 13, 2015

O’Fallon Water Tank Addition

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Three years of planning and six months of construction are condensed down to 30 seconds of time-lapse footage of the new 2-million-gallon water storage tank in O’Fallon, Missouri. Earlier this year, construction crews descended upon O’Fallon’s water treatment plant to build a glass-lined steel tank.

“This is a win-win for the City. Not only does this project provide needed water storage for a growing City, but the location of the new tank allows an existing storage tank at the water treatment plant to be taken out of service for normal maintenance and repair. Without this project, this could not have happened,” remarked Al Callier, Donohue Project Manager.

The project began years ago when it became apparent that the City was in need of additional storage for their finished water. The City of O’Fallon retained Donohue to evaluate the best means to find a solution to their situation. The study concluded that a 2-million‑gallon glass-lined steel tank located at the water treatment plant site was the most viable option.

Donohue completed the final design of the tank addition within three months. The design included a passive mixing system and of a series of inlets fitted with “duckbill” type check valves. This mixing system helps ensure that the tank’s contents are well-mixed, resulting in reduced sweating of the tank contents during the summer months. To further enhance the plant’s reliability and help the plant meet daytime demands, the project added a fourth variable speed high service pump to its high service system.

View all time-lapse videos of construction: 30 seconds; 60 seconds; 5 minutes.

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