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December 30, 2015

Donohue Welcomes Eugene Natarius, Ph.D., PE and Dennis Martenson, PE, BCEE

Minnesota 10 years 200x200We’re proud to announce the addition of two highly experienced engineers to our growing Minneapolis office. Their knowledge and collaborative nature will undoubtedly prove valuable to our clients and the Donohue engineers they mentor.

Eugene Natarius, Ph.D., PE | Senior Wastewater Engineer

Eugene joins Donohue with more than 30 years of diverse wastewater engineering and project leadership experience. He is a former project manager at Metropolitan Council Environmental Services (MCES). He has successfully led dozens of conveyance system improvement and reconstruction projects including large lift stations, 50 flow metering stations, 15 Vortex Flow Inserts (an odor and corrosion control manhole insert invented by Eugene), Riverview and Blue Lake siphon, 3rd Street and Commercial Street regulator, and many miles of piping throughout the Twin Cities.

With extensive expertise in fluid mechanics and hydraulics, Eugene has published 24 papers, holds nine patents, and has conducted over 20 research projects in such areas as pump station flow dynamics, flow instabilities, and water hammer effects.

Dennis Martenson, PE, BCEE | Senior Wastewater and Water Engineer

Dennis joins Donohue with over 35 years of experience in the planning, design, construction, and operation of water and wastewater facilities. He has MCES and other public sector experience on water supply facilities up to 70 mgd, wastewater treatment facilities up to 250 mgd, and complex lift stations. He has industrial wastewater treatment experience in the food processing, metal fabrication, petroleum, and pulp and paper sectors.

A registered professional engineer and board certified, Dennis is a former certified Class B wastewater operator, President-Emeritus of ASCE, and a member of the Minnesota State Board of Registration. He has co-authored five books and numerous articles related to water and wastewater treatment. Since 2004, Dennis has been a teaching specialist at the University of Minnesota; his courses include Water and Wastewater Treatment and Capstone Design.

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