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Our Promise

At C2 Engineers, we are committed to delivering the highest possible quality of service to our clients while staying within the promised budget and time considerations. We believe that people should not have to lower their expectations and settle for a lessor product because of common industry standards. All of our designs are created with the goal of meeting or exceeding the expectations of our clients. Everything that we do is with the ultimate success of our clients in perspective. At C2 Engineers, we will honor our word and take pride in creating projects that will be useful today, tomorrow, and for years to come.

Illinois Civil Engineering Consulting Firm

Designing Higher Standards

  • Custom designed solutions for each client’s situation or project
  • Attention to details while keeping designs simple and practical
  • Commitment to our clients doesn’t start or end with a contract, it is part of our core values
  • Belief that the impact of the project extends beyond ourselves and the client
  • Focus on the big picture with attention to the finest details
  • Promoting long term client success through honest assessment of goals, collaboration, and consideration of long term project impacts
  • Stewardship of resources, the environment, dollars, relationships, and trust

Our Team

Tim Cowan, PE​

Tim spends his free time traveling, golfing, fishing, exercising…kind of, and cutting up with his diverse group of friends, family, and Amanda. As co-founder of C2 Engineers, Tim wears multiple hats balancing design engineering, staff supervision and project management with business and project development assistance. His professional experience has encompassed a wide variety of civil engineering projects including water distribution systems, wastewater collection and treatment, stormwater management, transportation, and site development.

Sam Cole, PE​

These days, Sam’s coolest projects are his four kids. He is also proud to be a co-founder of C2 Engineers, and a professional engineer in Illinois and Indiana. Sam leads C2’s business and project development efforts and specializes in quickly identifying feasible solutions for client challenges. With an extensive background in urban and rural drainage projects, he serves as the company’s lead storm water engineer. He also plans and assists on water, wastewater, site, and transportation projects.

Tracy Billings, EI

Tracy joined C2 in 2015 and has quickly become the resident CAD guru. While following a non-traditional career path, she has gained extensive design and construction experience in a wide array of civil engineering services, including transportation, water and wastewater systems, and treatment plants. These experiences translate into practical designs and successful construction projects. Couple this with her affinity for hair bands, and you got one dynamic team member.